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“The Texture Of Falling” Is The Beautifully Confusing Film You Need To See

I find myself in awe, both confused and delighted by the chaotic journey that The Texture of Falling takes us, the audience, on. Never have I been so captivated. And I don’t say that lightly. READ MORE

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"If above synopsis sounds anything like your typical love story or a TV "movie of the week", rest assured, it is neither, rather a labyrithine piece of avant garde moviemaking that finds joy in taking apart its core story's narrative structure, leaving seminal plot-points only hinted at, jumping in and out of scenes at (only seemingly) random points, creating parallels between its narrative threads that suggest that one's only a reinterpretation of the other, and thus keeping the audience guessing all the way through its running time - until the finale puts the whole thing on a meta-level." READ MORE