Yacht Sneak Peak Parties

We had an amazing sneak-peek yacht screening for donors and cast and crew.  It was a magical evening with beautiful people and delicious food and libations.  We are now heading out into the world for our world premiere (announcement coming).  Here are a few of the comments we received from our audience members:

"The film is a great work of Art, and on all parts - the acting, the camera work, the editing, the music soundtrack. It's just all so superb."

"You took something universal and showed it in a completely fresh way"

"A fascinating film. Full of beauty and emotion."

"The film was technically polished from start to end. I didn't expect that. What you did with that budget is astounding."  (from one of the top lighting guys in the country)

"It reminds me of Inception and makes me want to watch it again to figure it out."

Enjoy the event photos below.